It’s Only Dull If You Want It To Be

Texas is my home, but West Virginia is my calling. For now, that is.

Where I was born, there was about forty-thousand people dwelling in the small city limits in a Texas town where there wasn’t much of anything to see or do. Now the population is breaching seventy-thousand.

I guess everyone found something to do in a decade.

But in the shadows of Dallas, I never really had the ability to roam. To get lost. It’s said that if you’re not lost then you’re not a very good explorer and I believe that to be true. So when college applications began to loom overhead my senior year, I was forced with a choice.

Either stay put and go to a college where I knew every eatery, fashion store, outlet mall and gas station around, along with every student — whom I had grown up with since kindergarten —¬†or get lost.

There’s something extremely inviting when you leave home, like the world blossoms at your fingertips. There’s always a place to go, a new land to see, a different air to inhale and etc.. But most people wait until they have two things.



Turns out, you really have just the right amount of both to expand your horizon. You need very little money to actually make the daring step forward into the unknown. And the time allotted for something mundane can be turned around into something adventurous.

Going to college? Make it new, be a new person, meet new people, and overall, just experience things you never thought you would.

Getting a new job? Be a risk-taker and make that job your priority, and make it what you want. If you like alcohol, find a job in the mixology industry and do both. It seems outlandish to do two things that are polar opposites and somehow combine them in a task.

I’m going to college, but I’m having a hell of an adventure as well.


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