Find Your Bliss

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We’ve all heard this saying. If you are like me, you grew up with it branded into your head like an annoying song you can’t shake from memory. It took me years to put this saying into action and honestly, I still have yet to master it. But I’ve found a new challenge to conquer. Loving the small things.

I have spent too much time letting things roll off of me and learning to let things go that I almost forgot to reinforce the things about myself that make me unique. The “small things” can sometimes be problems that we overthink to the point that they are no longer “small”. If you find it difficult to let the small things go, learn instead to love the small things that make you individual.

My list may be similar to yours, and that’s okay. We can all be similar but we will always just be ourselves and in a way, that separates us from the rest of the population. So here’s a few “small things” that I’ve come to love and that bring me bliss:

The smell of an ink-stained print shop.

Hotel breakfasts.

The kick of a .40 caliber handgun.

The glossy reflection of a polaroid photo.

The rumble strip on an endless highway.

A Rolling Stone guitar solo.

The symmetrical layout of vacation photos as room decorations.

The smooth clouds that look like brush strokes on the sky.

Peppermint scented everything.

Throwback songs.

The taste of lemonade in 100 degree weather.

Concerts in the rain.

Loud music playing through dollar-store earbuds.

New places.

New people.

New accomplishments.


Life will never be easy. No amount of palpable replacements to happiness will ever be enough. We are human, you’re always going to want more, that’s just how we are. And when life kicks us down and makes us hurt, we let the sting turn into a throbbing ache that engulfs our entire existence. That is why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, but they never tell you what to do instead.

Letting the bad times roll off of you is only half of the battle. Allowing the small pleasures to build you back up; that’s what we need in life. Finding your bliss is the way to do that. Whatever it is that brings you happiness, makes you feel at peace with yourself and the bustling world around you, embrace it. Let it overpower the things that kick you down.

So, what’s your bliss?


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