The Things They Never Taught Us


To be fair, my parents prepared me for a lot.

My Teachers taught me a few good lessons.

But here’s to the things we were never taught. To the wave of emotions we were never told how to handle. To the big decisions they never gave us the solutions to. Here’s to the unknown.

It’s said that the hardest decision in life is whether to walk away, or try harder. When we are faced with this predicament, we tend to want to flee. It’s easy to quit. But what happens if quitting is the best decision for you? My parents taught me to not give up on my commitments, to stick it through because quitting is not for those who are successful, but then there are rare times when the universe tells you that by quitting, you’re opening more doors than you are closing.

This life is hard. It has ups and downs that we were never told would happen. That’s what makes life interesting. We grow and learn from our decisions, successes, and mistakes. They make us who we are. But if you’re down a path you shouldn’t be, on the road to a destination you don’t like, then what? Do we quit? Does quitting make us unsuccessful? Undetermined?

Hell no.

We were given the blessing to be put on this planet and from the moment we arrived, nothing in our life was planned. Nothing was concrete, but as we grow and learn who we are, it’s as though we are taught to have this goal in mind and that’s it. We marry. Have kids. Retire from our life-long job and we’re free at death. I almost pity the people who see death as freedom. They must’ve never truly lived.

So to the lessons they never taught us; we face you with brave souls and sharpened battle weapons. To the emotions we have no idea how to cope with; we accept you and slowly learn how to deal with you. And to the big decisions we have no idea how to solve, we go with our gut. The only way to know if our choices are correct is to try them. If we succeed, we succeed. If we fail, we pick ourselves up, brush off our backs, and fight twice as hard to win the next round.

It’s a scary world out there, and no one ever told us how hard it would be to navigate through our lives when everyone else seems to have our life planned out for us. That couldn’t be more far from the truth. It’s our life, our choices, and our success on the line. Take that risky chance if it’s what you feel is right.

Only you can determine whether to quit, or try harder.


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