The Things They Never Taught Us


To be fair, my parents prepared me for a lot.

My Teachers taught me a few good lessons.

But here’s to the things we were never taught. To the wave of emotions we were never told how to handle. To the big decisions they never gave us the solutions to. Here’s to the unknown.

It’s said that the hardest decision in life is whether to walk away, or try harder. When we are faced with this predicament, we tend to want to flee. It’s easy to quit. But what happens if quitting is the best decision for you? My parents taught me to not give up on my commitments, to stick it through because quitting is not for those who are successful, but then there are rare times when the universe tells you that by quitting, you’re opening more doors than you are closing.

This life is hard. It has ups and downs that we were never told would happen. That’s what makes life interesting. We grow and learn from our decisions, successes, and mistakes. They make us who we are. But if you’re down a path you shouldn’t be, on the road to a destination you don’t like, then what? Do we quit? Does quitting make us unsuccessful? Undetermined?

Hell no.

We were given the blessing to be put on this planet and from the moment we arrived, nothing in our life was planned. Nothing was concrete, but as we grow and learn who we are, it’s as though we are taught to have this goal in mind and that’s it. We marry. Have kids. Retire from our life-long job and we’re free at death. I almost pity the people who see death as freedom. They must’ve never truly lived.

So to the lessons they never taught us; we face you with brave souls and sharpened battle weapons. To the emotions we have no idea how to cope with; we accept you and slowly learn how to deal with you. And to the big decisions we have no idea how to solve, we go with our gut. The only way to know if our choices are correct is to try them. If we succeed, we succeed. If we fail, we pick ourselves up, brush off our backs, and fight twice as hard to win the next round.

It’s a scary world out there, and no one ever told us how hard it would be to navigate through our lives when everyone else seems to have our life planned out for us. That couldn’t be more far from the truth. It’s our life, our choices, and our success on the line. Take that risky chance if it’s what you feel is right.

Only you can determine whether to quit, or try harder.


Find Your Bliss

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We’ve all heard this saying. If you are like me, you grew up with it branded into your head like an annoying song you can’t shake from memory. It took me years to put this saying into action and honestly, I still have yet to master it. But I’ve found a new challenge to conquer. Loving the small things.

I have spent too much time letting things roll off of me and learning to let things go that I almost forgot to reinforce the things about myself that make me unique. The “small things” can sometimes be problems that we overthink to the point that they are no longer “small”. If you find it difficult to let the small things go, learn instead to love the small things that make you individual.

My list may be similar to yours, and that’s okay. We can all be similar but we will always just be ourselves and in a way, that separates us from the rest of the population. So here’s a few “small things” that I’ve come to love and that bring me bliss:

The smell of an ink-stained print shop.

Hotel breakfasts.

The kick of a .40 caliber handgun.

The glossy reflection of a polaroid photo.

The rumble strip on an endless highway.

A Rolling Stone guitar solo.

The symmetrical layout of vacation photos as room decorations.

The smooth clouds that look like brush strokes on the sky.

Peppermint scented everything.

Throwback songs.

The taste of lemonade in 100 degree weather.

Concerts in the rain.

Loud music playing through dollar-store earbuds.

New places.

New people.

New accomplishments.


Life will never be easy. No amount of palpable replacements to happiness will ever be enough. We are human, you’re always going to want more, that’s just how we are. And when life kicks us down and makes us hurt, we let the sting turn into a throbbing ache that engulfs our entire existence. That is why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, but they never tell you what to do instead.

Letting the bad times roll off of you is only half of the battle. Allowing the small pleasures to build you back up; that’s what we need in life. Finding your bliss is the way to do that. Whatever it is that brings you happiness, makes you feel at peace with yourself and the bustling world around you, embrace it. Let it overpower the things that kick you down.

So, what’s your bliss?

The Road Doesn’t Judge

I can’t feel my face at the moment.

Soon after I turned thirteen, my face had began to grow spots in the most obvious of places along with bright white and blond hairs that the sun hit just right when passing my crush on the sidewalk. I’m still dealing with these face monstrosities six years later; thus the need for my current mint clay mask.

My eyes burn and the outer layer of my skin is probably 85% artificial clay nowadays.

When I use to go to the woods to write or doodle down story prompts that would never be used, I would paint my face with cheap Walmart foundation and some form of eyeshadow to match my outfit of that particular day.

What a waste of money.

All that time I realized I was dressing myself up to sweat it off and have it covered with mud or small scratches from ignoring the thin tree branches in my walkway. I wasted time and money on making myself up just to look worse when I got back to my house.

The trees don’t judge what eyeshadow you’re wearing. The river couldn’t care any less about the matte sheen of your lipstick. The highway to tomorrow wants you there safe, not Instagram-ready.

Ladies, I know you’ve seen those cute, hipster photos of the stick-thin girls wearing adorable hiking sweaters and “inconspicuously” having their picture taken. They look beautiful, and you feel envious. But let’s call this what it is.

A ruse.

We don’t travel to look good. We travel to feel good.

Going new places gives you a euphoric rush down your spine that swells in your stomach. The light in your eyes when you meet a new person– it’s a glint of happiness no photographer could Photoshop.

Next time you see a deep maroon canyon or a white sand shore, instead of wishing (and for some ladies, trying) to take a cute photo of yourself pretending to enjoy the new environment, how about you just enjoy it. For a minute just set down the phones, put away the polaroid cameras and don’t secretly wonder which filter would look best on you when you take a Snapchat selfie with the background.

The road doesn’t judge your appearance. When you look back in the last years of your life, what is going to matter more to you: what you saw on your open-road adventure with your high school buddy, or how good you looked on that adventure?

I’m taking my clay mask off, I’m putting away the makeup, and I’m going to spend time with the forest that requires no add-ons to my appearance.

It’s Only Dull If You Want It To Be

Texas is my home, but West Virginia is my calling. For now, that is.

Where I was born, there was about forty-thousand people dwelling in the small city limits in a Texas town where there wasn’t much of anything to see or do. Now the population is breaching seventy-thousand.

I guess everyone found something to do in a decade.

But in the shadows of Dallas, I never really had the ability to roam. To get lost. It’s said that if you’re not lost then you’re not a very good explorer and I believe that to be true. So when college applications began to loom overhead my senior year, I was forced with a choice.

Either stay put and go to a college where I knew every eatery, fashion store, outlet mall and gas station around, along with every student — whom I had grown up with since kindergarten — or get lost.

There’s something extremely inviting when you leave home, like the world blossoms at your fingertips. There’s always a place to go, a new land to see, a different air to inhale and etc.. But most people wait until they have two things.



Turns out, you really have just the right amount of both to expand your horizon. You need very little money to actually make the daring step forward into the unknown. And the time allotted for something mundane can be turned around into something adventurous.

Going to college? Make it new, be a new person, meet new people, and overall, just experience things you never thought you would.

Getting a new job? Be a risk-taker and make that job your priority, and make it what you want. If you like alcohol, find a job in the mixology industry and do both. It seems outlandish to do two things that are polar opposites and somehow combine them in a task.

I’m going to college, but I’m having a hell of an adventure as well.

First blog post

I suppose an introduction is customary.

Welcome! Look how far you’ve stumbled to land upon this blog. Posts here may vary, but one thing will remain the same. This is all about the world we live in and how it pertains to us.

Yes, us.

You and I have been thrust into this amazing world together and up until now, you may have not known that. Everything we do, say, see, taste, touch and think about is all mangled into the same single planet and through the miracle of chance, we have found each other.

Have a question? Feel free to ask. Like to leave a comment? leave as many as you’d like. Suggestions and any quarrel you may have, email me.

I’m here to enrich your spare time. Thanks for enriching mine.